Scenes From Lately

Despite the fact that I had not had any interest in doing so, for reasons unknown even to myself, I joined Instagram. Now that I’m there, it’s a bit like playing with a new… Continue reading

Decoding (European) Eggs

This is a quick guide to decoding what those numbers on eggs (in Europe) mean, according to the current egg laws in regulation since 2004. First you have a number which can be 3, 2,… Continue reading

The Cut Flower Patch

I’m delighted to show you my new book called The Cut Flower Patch written by Louise Curley. I came to know of the book through my piano blogging buddy pianolearner, as the book… Continue reading

An Imperfect Perfect Strawberry Pie

The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away. William Shakespeare I adore cooking lovely food to make those around me happy. However, when… Continue reading

Jam Packaging

It’s no secret that I adore making my own homemade jam. Now that I’ve slowly began to package some of my jam in a cuter way, I thought I’d have a look at some… Continue reading

La Taina Restaurant {Barcelona}

There is the most hearty restaurant ever hidden in the iconic neighbourhood of Gracia in Barcelona. The restaurant La Taina serves traditional Catalan food, especially a great variety of grilled meats and vegetables,… Continue reading

Grapefruit and Banana Jam

Despite the fact that I’m not the most athletic person on earth, I do do some sports. These days what I mainly do is swim laps. Hey, I like eating, so this allows me… Continue reading

A Bakery’s Chocolate Parody of the Spanish Royal Family

Iñaki Mandarin & Cristina de Bombon? I was going for a stroll through my neighbourhood yesterday when these “names” caught my eye. Pardon the reflections through the shop window, I couldn’t resist and make… Continue reading

Spring and Sofia

Now that we have officially entered spring in the northern hemisphere, I was going to make a short, sweet post to wish you all a happy spring and a happy Friday. However, at the… Continue reading

Tofu with Curry {T for Tofu}

It’s time for our monthly ingredient challenge again! This month it’s T and we have chosen tofu. This month Shanna and I are delighted to welcome Amanda from What’s Cooking and Liz from food… Continue reading

Witty Packaging

Just for the sake of a few giggles to cheer up our Monday, here are a few examples of funny packaging found in my Pinterest. Now this next one is a pretty cool… Continue reading

One Avocado, Two Colourful Ways

Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment. Claude Monet I have a friend who is colour blind. I accidentally found out one day. He is a brilliant music director. He had decided… Continue reading

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