Soup to Scare Away a Cold

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moka chicken-soup-with-ginger-and-cloves

Gosh, I forgot to post this soup. You see a few weeks ago I was feeling unwell. A tiny touch of fever, sore throat, sore everything, sore eyes, etc… to be honest it sounds more like flu than a cold, so I should change the title of the post, but I won’t because flu is more severe and is caused by virus. And I wasn’t really too severe.

Anyhow, I was adamant that I would combat this cold, flu, or whatever it was by keeping warm, eating well, and not doing anything stupid like swimming 1 km or running 5 km. Indeed I wrapped up, did not do drastic sports and on the 3rd day I made this soup which was specially made to combat a cold.

Did it work?

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Balinese Gamelan Practice Session

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Music / Ponder
moka balinese-gamela-music-and-sculptures1

Remember my mystery photo in my previous post? It was a metallophone from an Indonesian gamelan, a Balinese gamelan to be more precise.

A gamelan is a traditional ensemble of music instruments from Indonesia, from Java or Bali. It is sort of like an orchestra, but maybe not really in the strict sense as each instrument is not considered individual within the whole gamelan. All of the instruments together are considered as one instrument. This particular gamelan is from Bali but lives in the Museum of Music in Barcelona.

A friend of mine, Jordi, who is really passionate about gamelan, is the director of this gamelan. He has a group of fantastic musicians that practice the gamelan, and once in a while offer a performance. The next one will be on the 21st December, in case anyone will be around in Barcelona and is interested. Check out their facebook here. They are, up to this date, the only gamelan group in the whole of the Iberian Peninsula, (including Portugal). Recently he bought over a guest, a Balinese gamelan master, Made, who lives in Brussels. I learnt that there is a huge Balinese community in Brussels. They spent the whole weekend practicing gamelan with him, and I was excited to be able to come and snap away with my camera.

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Mystery Moment

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moka mystery-moment1

And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not see the music.

- Friedrich Nietzsche

What is this object in my photo? Ok, a while ago I stopped giving tips for my mystery moments, but we can clearly see that this is some sort of musical instrument. So, exactly what musical instrument is it? And what country does it come from?

I’ll give the answer in my next post. But meanwhile go ahead, have a guess.

Good luck!

Beer and Mustard Chicken

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moka beer-and-mustard-chicken

Who in the world am I? Ah, that’s the great puzzle.

- Lewis Carrol, Alice in Wonderland

During this past week I’ve been at home alone because Mr. H. was away on a business trip. This gave me plenty of time to speak to myself, time for introspection. On the last day it hit me. All of a sudden I had a realisation and it made complete sense:

I am a creative person. And I actually don’t have a scientific mind.

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Raspberry Topped Overnight Oats

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moka overnight-oats-with-raspberries

In Wilson’s scale of evaluations breakfast rated just after life itself and ahead of the chance of immortality.

- Robert. A. Heinlein, By His Bootstraps

The boiler, the apparatus that produces hot water and heats the radiators for me, stopped working yesterday. I must have had the evil eye cast upon me at some point, because these things always happen to me in the beginning of winter. Thankfully though, no cold waves had kicked in yet so I hadn’t had to turn on the heating for now. But no hot water, we know how annoying that can be.

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