Oven Baked Cod Fish

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Cook / Fish and seafood
Cod fish with white beans

Yesterday I informed Mr. H. that one of my beautiful darling friends had received a bouquet of roses from her husband. You know who you are, sending you warm hugs! I don’t really remember but I probably fluttered my eyelashes implying, joking, that I wanted some romanticism too, a different type of romanticism from me banging out Chopin on the piano. I showed him the photo of the roses. Indeed, the photo was on social media. Also, just for the record, it was the cutest un-perfect photo ever.

Of course this sparked the conversation about if I think everything I see on social media is perfect. Indeed it is not. Obviously not. How can I emphasise this negative opinion even more?

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Lemon Curd

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Cook / Desserts and sweets / Music
Lemon curd recipe

Think about it. I’m playing the piano and each hand needs to jump at full speed to opposite directions of the keyboard. Where am I supposed to look?

Left or right? Up at the score sheet? Shut my eyes and hope for the best?

One of the things I’m practicing at the moment is Chopin’s Posthumous Waltz in E Minor. I love that it is fast and passionate, which sweet moments but also loud, heavy and grave moments. I love that it sounds un-Viennese waltzish. It just sounds Polish and so Chopin.

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The B&W Challenge

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Photography / Ponder

For the last five days I’ve been having a some fun with my friends on Instagram participating in a five day black and white photo challenge. Lots of us are doing it, so it’s exciting to see how we all transform our shots into black and white.

I have to admit that when I began on Instagram this year, I did it very sceptically, sort of thinking that it would just be an experiment but I’m sure I’d hate it. More social media, no thanks. The truth is that I’m having loads of fun connecting with friends with it, plus I think it’s helping to understand more about photography and colours. Yeah, gasp!

Anyway, I was tagged to do the challenged by my lovely friend Farianti. Ok, I cheated. She was having a blast and uploading beautiful pictures so I basically asked her to tag me. Today we’ve decided that we’ll bend the rules and just continue to make more black and white photos whenever we feel like it. That’s how it should be, right?

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On Mushrooms

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Information / Ponder

I know a planet where there is a certain red-faced gentleman. He has never smelled a flower. He has never looked at a star. He has never loved any one. He has never done anything in his life but add up figures. And all day he says over and over, just like you: ‘I am busy with matters of consequence!’ And that makes him swell up with pride. But he is not a man – he is a mushroom!

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

You see, Mr. H. told me that my last post was weak, lacking in content, that I should have gone on to explain more about mushrooms. In my defence I pointed that the mushroom topics I learnt about at university were all thrush related. Athletes feet. And so on… Not very dainty at all. I don’t know how to pick mushrooms from forests either. Therefore I thought I could put together some fun mushroom facts just to keep us all amused and hopefully we’ll all learn something extra along the way.

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Roasted Red Pine Mushrooms

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Cook / Vegetables and legumes
Red pine mushrooms with garlic and parsley

As I was classifying this post under the Vegetables and legumes category, I remembered that in actual fact mushrooms are scientifically classified as fungus, which are not considered as part of the plant kingdom. Nor are they from the same kingdom as animals, bacteria or protists.

Before advances in microbiology, it was thought that fungi were plants, basically because they look more like a vegetable and they are usually grow stuck in one place. There are a few species that do creep along the floor to find food. I remember studying at university that there are a couple of big sized fungus that do this. Encountering one creeping around the place must be a creepy experience.

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