Scenes from Lately {Andalucía Edition}

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Path to Santi Petri Beach

Yes, indeed I have been missing in action. That is also what happens when I’ve been away for too long and life gets too busy for blogging. Indeed too, I have been lacking of recipe posts. I feel quite awful about that. It’s because I haven’t been at home to cook much recently. Plus my real camera is still not fixed so I’m utterly upset about that and still relying on my phone camera. Anyhow, courtesy of my Instagram, we can see some of my scenes from lately.

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My Kitty Friend

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the kitty

“Of all god’s creatures there is only one that cannot be made the slave of the leash. That one is the cat. If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat.” - Mark Twain

You know I can’t resist an ironic Mark Twain quote, so this is just for giggles. Apart from that, I wanted to keep the photo of this kitty I met this summer, with whom I bonded really well. Thank you for visiting!

Almond and Swiss Chocolate Cake

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Almond and Swiss chocolate cake

It seems to have been ages since I last posted a recipe. So much so that I was beginning to doubt if I should change the positioning of my blog to something along the lines of Stories of Sofia Lost in France or something like that. However, here is a recipe so we can still consider this a food blog.

This cake marked the beginning of my love affair with almond milk. I fancied making a cake using almond flour and almond milk, because I had never made one before with these almondy ingredients before. I made two discoveries. Firstly, the cake was amazingly good. Secondly, when I used the leftover almond milk in my coffee the next day, I had an instant crush. It was a bit like the first time I made homemade pesto. Why on earth had I not thought about this earlier?

As expected, Mr. H. made fun of me, suggesting that I must be turning into some silly boho-chic. Quinoa in our salads. Almond milk everywhere. What next? I find that quinoa is ok. But with the almond milk, if being made fun of is the price of using it in my coffee, then call me boho-whatever, I don’t mind.

I decided to investigate the benefits of almond milk with regards to cow’s milk. Now he’s a convert too.

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Lunch at L’Estaminet de L’Andouiller

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Stuffed quail

When we think of French food, it’s cliché to think of gourmet food made with rich butter and plenty of cream. Then in France, especially in the very traditional towns, I observe that most people are in fact very slim and seem like they are in great health. How does this work out? Oh, the other very cliché part of French cuisine is imagining tiny portions on the plate.

During this summer I have been very lucky to be able to experience great homemade French food, at a home, every day. The truth is that the daily dishes were very high in salads and lower in meats. They were definitely low in creamy things or things bathed in fat. A little bit of butter can be spread on the bread. And plenty of gorgeous summer fruits were the normal for dessert.

That must be how the French people stay so slim!

One day during the weekend, however, we went for a ride into the amazing countryside to have lunch at L’Estaminet de L’Andouiller, in a village called Douriez. I had published this map in a previous post but I think Douriez was a bit blurry. I’ve circled it here in blue.

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