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A Visit to Bodegas Luis Pérez

It was like discovering a wine-cellar filled with bottles of amazing wine of a kind a flavour never tasted before. It quite intoxicated me.

– J.R.R. Tolkein

I have a new crush. This summer I visited Bodegas Luis PérezLuis Pérez Winery – and now I am in love with the place, the nature, the science, the wine and the beauty.

Bodegas Luis Pérez is a relatively new winery. It was founded in 2002 by the prestigious University Professor of Chemistry and Enology, Luis Pérez. He had a vision to build his own winery with the help of his family. The project was beautifully carried out, and has now turned into a successful wine producing company. It is located on top of a hill in the Andalusian town of Jerez, surrounded by an amazing view of the Andalusian countryside, plus of it’s own vineyards. Just like a beautiful dream.

Luis Perez red grape

Grape varieties Luis Perez

Grape vines Luis Perez

Green grapes Luis Perez

I was lucky be able to visit Bodegas Luis Pérez guided by none other but one of his daughters. She herself is a chemist, so I was treated to not just the popular touristy aspects of a winery, but also to all the nerdy scientific insights of the grapes and of the wine making process. You know I like that.

Luis Perez grapes winery

Jerez – or Sherry in English – is an area that thrives on vineyards. Today most of the vineyards specialise in sherry style wines, which are mainly white wines. Luis Pérez decided to specialise in red wines instead. This caused quite an uproar in the region amongst the other wineries. However, he pointed out that in fact, red wine was originally produced in the region since thousands of years ago, so we could say it was like a return to their origins. Whatever the case, their red wine producing endeavour has already proven to be a success.

Apart from the taste, red wine is interesting! Maybe you had realised – because I hadn’t until now – that the juice from red grapes is in fact whitish transparent in colour. To give red wine it’s rich red colour, the grapes firstly need to be macerated with all its components. The pigments from the skin of the grapes is what will give the wine its colour. The seeds will be there in the macerated mix too, so the quality of the seeds are of utmost importance. They are where the tannins are concentrated. Tannins give quite a bitter taste and are astringent, so they will give that rough astringent quality to red wines. Therefore, with red wines, the variety and quality of the grapes are important so that the seeds let out the desired tannins and taste.

Grape juice Luis Perez

Grapes Luis Perez Spain Jerez

Once the grapes are harvested, they are macerated in big steel vessels.

Wine making Luis Perez

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Sancti Petri Cadiz Spain
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A Walk Through Sancti Petri

There’s no taking trout with dry breeches.

– Miguel de Cervantes

There is a tiny place I adore tucked away in Andalucía, called Sancti Petri, that used to be a fishermen’s village. Now it’s a spot for water sports and nice seafood restaurants too. I’ve been going there everyday this past week to swim and do some paddle surfing.

Sancti Petri

One very sunny day, with low tide, I brought my camera along. Would you like to join me in a walk around Sancti Petri through some photos?

Santi Petri boats low tide

Sancti Petri Murals fish

A walk through Sancti Petri

Sancti Petri Spain

Sancti Petri cats

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candle class in Jerez
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Candle Making Class at Rancho Cortesano

To tell you the truth, even though I really loved it, candle making class is a measly excuse of a title for everything we did in one afternoon at Rancho Cortesano.

Rancho Cortesano is a bee farm in Jerez, aka Sherry, Andalucia. They specialise in the production of honey, but they also make honey based products (apart from food related, simple cosmetics too), organic vegetables, they have a honey museum. They also carry out a huge amount of activities, all of which are really great for children. And for the not so children too. Oh, and there are also a bunch of animals around the place, which also makes the whole experience even more fun.

Rancho Cortesano Jerez

Donkey at Rancho Cortesano

Donkey at sunset

We spent a whole afternoon, which turned into evening and night at Rancho Cortesano. Our main activity was to visit the bee farm. Sorry, no photos there as I did not see anyway I could comfortably bring my camera while I was inside a big protective suit.

bee hives

tractor rancho cortesano

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Steamed fish
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Blogging Dilemas and Steamed Fish

I’m going to try to make a comeback with proper blogging here. But what is proper blogging? I suppose it is a silly modern world boho dilema. To begin with, I will stop apologising for not posting or for posting things outside of my niche.

I stopped classifying Papaya Pieces within the strictest food blog niche ages ago, so I should start behaving as such. Since I started my other blog, I sort of felt weird, in case I might accidentally develop a double personality or something. My not photographing food phase coincided with my new what do I publish in which blog phase. But now it’s clear, I created myself a niche for the other blog, and will strictly stick to it. Papaya Pieces will be the place where I publish whatever else I fancy. A place to put memories. And a few recipes too.

Steamed Fish soya

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Underwater by My Brother

My brother literally lives on the other side of the planet from me, so I was beyond excited to have him come over to visit me recently. I took him to one of my favourite beaches, Sant Pol del Mar. He enjoys doing wildlife and underwater photography, and brought over his underwater camera, which is how I accidentally found myself, along with some other sea creatures as a model for his photos.

School of fish



Fishes at Sant Pol

There were surprisingly quite a lot of fish. It was fantastic to swim amongst them. He also caught sight of a cormoran diving at full speed and managed to catch some shots of it.

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