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Northern French Waffles // Writing Process Blog Tour

Meet les gaufres, also known as waffles. These are from the North of France. You might have seen them here before, but they are making another appearance in my blog because I was lucky to have some more recently.

Indeed they don’t quite look like the typical Belgian waffle, the type that usually comes to our mind when we think of waffles, dripping in chocolate and ice cream. Thus the danger with these waffles. Whereas the Belgian waffle looks dangerous so you have only one big hearty one, these look quite inoffensive so you eat one, then another, and then you have to put them far away from you otherwise you might not stop.

Thin French Waffles

Northern French Waffles

What is this Writing Process Blog Tour thing in the title of this post about? I was nicely surprised by Priya at Sugarfree Sweetheart when she passed me the baton to write about my writing process. I adore Priya’s blog, she writes about recipes and tips for diabetics and makes the most cutest illustrations to go along with them. Do check out her blog and say hi to her if you haven’t seen it yet.

Now I have to answer some tour questions.

What am I working on at the moment?

I’m sorry to be a huge disappointment but with regards to my blog I’m not working on anything big and inspirational at the moment. I wish I could say something spectacular (like Priya) but not really. However I am working on an epic food bucket list, motivated by Genie’s one, so you might want to watch out for that whenever I get around to finishing it. This means that I’ll be cooking many new delicacies because I’ll have a list to remind me of what I want to do.

In my piano life I’m working on playing some Chopin pieces. Ok, I’m always working on a Chopin piece or another. In my working life I won’t bore – or excite – you with the details there.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

My blog began as a culinary blog. I would say that it differs from others of its genre because it has developed into the space where I chit chat tirelessly about non-food related topics, trying to ensure that most of the time they may be enriching or even educational.

Or at least just interesting.

Why do I write what I do?

Due to the fact that I come from a multicultural background and have lived in too many countries, I frequently have oddities to write about. Perhaps someone out there in this world might find them interesting.

Apart from cultural issues, I tend to also write about my piano music and anything else I feel I want to voice out. My topics are rather broad indeed. Just browse through my blog and you’ll see.

With regards to writing recipes, about 80% of my recipes are truly simple and with fresh ingredients. As most of us live in a world where we feel like we’re always short of time for everything, I want to prove that homemade cooking can be quick and easy to make.

How does my writing process work?

I’ll break this down into three parts, not exactly in this order.

1) Writing. I made a promise to myself a while back that if I didn’t have anything deemed interesting enough to write about, I would not write any posts.

I’m not sure if I should call these moments writer’s block because I’m not a professional writer that must pump out a written piece before a deadline or is writing a book. When I am unsure of what to write about, I think: is this what writer’s block is? I feel quite devastated when I have nothing interesting to say, because does that mean that my life has become boring?

In summary, my writing process starts off with an idea of what I want to write about.

2) Photos. With regards to recipes, I’ll make anywhere between 3 and 30 photos. Ok, I say 30 but I’ve never counted. Then comes the part that I enjoy least out of the whole process: choosing and editing the photos.

Until now I have never published a post without a photo or an image. For mysterious reasons, I don’t dare publish a post without one. This means that apart from having something to say, I need some photos of my food to write a recipe, or a photo or image of something else, whatever it is I want to share.

By the way, I nearly omitted the waffle photos and description in this post. I nearly turned this post into my first image-less post. But I didn’t.

3) Cooking. Obviously this part comes before the photo part and is not linked to the writing my real life tales part. The problem with me is that I’m quite a spontaneous cook.

Don’t worry, I’m very good at cooking, but I just throw things in, usually without measuring, and inventing the dish as I go along. My sixth sense knows how much of each ingredient to use. I’m bad at following recipes properly, so I seldom do so.

You might be horrified to realise that I just cook food, photograph it, eat it… and then when the time comes to write the recipe on my blog I baffle myself trying to remember how much of each ingredient I had put into it.

Once these three points above are put together, I press the publish button. Even though I have probably revised my text at least 23 times beforehand, this is when I usually realise I have made some mistake. Does this happen to anyone else too or is it just me?

Voilà. As you can see I’m very human and I feel disorganized when I read through this text to revise it for the 23rd time.

My nominee for continuing this tour is Mabel Kwong. Mabel is a young talented writer. She is also multicultural and lives in Australia. I can often relate to the cultural issues she writes about, or at least I enjoy reading her points of view. I’m passing on the baton to Mabel. I hope she wants to continue the game because it would be great to see what she has to say about her writing process.

Thank you for reading!

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I'm Sofia. Australian, Indonesian and Spanish. Lived in {too} many countries. Currently based in Barcelona. I adore playing miserable romantic classical piano. Papaya Pieces is where I store some recipes and memories.


  1. Terrific! I liked reading about your writing process, Sofia, and it made me think about my own process too. Like you, I tell myself that if I don’t have anything to write about, I won’t post that day. However, it’s become more that I have no time to write at all, even when I have things I want to share. I like reading about all your Scenes from Lately and piano. Keep it up!

    • You’ve raised an interesting point there, that I also have little time to write, even when I know I want to write about something! Thanks for your sweet words. By the way I’m looking forward to our next challenge ;)

  2. WAIT: you find these in Northern France, too? I thought they’re from the Netherlands (stroopwafel)! I think you can buy them here, but for me this has always been a Dutch thing. Maybe I just never looked properly in Northern France :)

    For me, the first paragraph is always the hardest. I want a little “story” or proper introduction instead of saying oh look at this bronze eyeshadow… Once that’s done, it’s all smooth sailing from there!

    • Actally now that you say it, the place that makes the best waffles in Lille (and supposedly in France too) is a shop called Meert. Not exactly a very French name, it sounds more Flemmish, doesn’t it? So maybe these do have some kind of Dutch origin…
      I’m sure you want to write something other than oh look at this gorgeous pink lipstick ;) But I love your introductions and your reviews too!

  3. Those waffles are so thin, Sofia. I’m sure two slices aren’t enough even for a snack! Rarely can you find waffles here in Melbourne, and when you do they are usually the thick variety. I always love my waffles with Nutella. And warm ;)

    Oooh, so that’s how your writing process works. I find it interesting that you say maybe your life is boring when you have nothing to write. I think about this all the time., maybe it’s because we’re not doing enough, or not trying something new. But I’m sure you are, with piano and cooking. Thank you so much for nominating me, I am very humbled and flattered. I’ve always wanted to do a post about being in the creative process, so one day when it aligns with the Weekly Photo Challenge I will do it. Now, you can probably tell I like choosing and editing my blog photos each week. I really love it :)

    • But they are actually very rich and quite filling, they are way more so that how they look.. With Nutella, hmm yum!
      Hahaha so you are the opposite of me, I hate choosing the photos,… though I love making the photos!!! Sometimes I have to force myself to stop shooting other wise the food will get cold :)

      • Nutella. I just can’t stop thinking about it now. But I’m sure Barcelona has better chocolate than Nutella that goes well with waffles!

        Oh…me too. I always take at least ten photos of food on the rare occasions I eat out. I have to take photos on my smartphone, and then on my point and shoot. How obsessive is that, very ;)

        • In Spain they have a Spanish brand equivalent to the Italian Nutella called Nocilla but I like Nutella better ;)
          You always take photos of the food when you eat out? I have to say I’m probably a bad food blogger because I rarely take food photos when I eat out. Sometimes I don’t want everyone to roll their eyes and think, oh gosh, for that blog of hers again! haha

          • Nutella is always the best. In Italy, and maybe Spain (?), there’s something called Nutino. Never tried that but it’s placed side by side with Nutella on the supermarket shelf in Melbourne.

            I used to be the one to roll eyes at others taking photos. Sigh.Now I am one of them. I believe food can tell a story…actually, food photos are the hardest to convey stories, me thinks ;)

  4. Thanks for the shoutout Sofia! Really loved reading this post (after all, it’s exactly I wanted to know!). I think your unique roots and friendliness give you the ability to connect and strike a chord with so many different people with varied interests. And ya, that thing about finding at least one mistake after publishing – always happens with me, always! :)

    • Likewise thank you for the shoutout. I’m still feeling so humbled that you chose me as I admire your blog so much :)
      Yes, how is it that after so much checking some mistakes are still there…

  5. Guillermina Bósquez Stover

    Oh. My. Goodness. I have seen these kind of waffles here in the U.S. of A., but they are marketed as cookies. I will have to try them! I just want to go on record as saying that I ENJOY all your posts and ramblings, everything. You are a delightful young woman who is living her life the only way she knows…mistakes/misspellings/corrections and all. We don’t backspace and edit when we live our day-to-day lives, we just do the BEST we can. And you are quite good at that, Sofia! Your photos, your recipes, your thoughts…I just enjoy them 100 percent. Keep on keeping on! The beat goes on…(as I always say!)
    In the near future, I will be embarking on a wonderful, new, and scary cooking adventure–Mexican food! The REAL Mexican food–recipes by Diana Kennedy. She’s a Brit who settled in Mexico in the late 50s and gastronomically gave Mexico back to the Mexicans. She’s considered the Julia Child of Mexican cooking, authentic Mexican cooking. So…wish me luck in this new journey!!!

    • Cookies? Don’t confuse these with wafers. These are way better! :) You are too kind Guillermina. And now I’m really intrigued in this new adventure of yours. Will you start a blog with it? Wishing you all the luck, and I wish I could just walk in and eat your creations!

  6. These remind me of the waffles I’ve had in Amsterdam stroopwafels. So good. Great post. I do like to see how people go about writing posts. For me food is a lens by which I’m analyzing life. It’s hard sometimes to make the connection, but when I sit down and write, it’s easier to see things from a new angle. I like reading about what’s going on in your world. :) Un beso.

  7. Great to get the insight in your writing/photography and prep process. Agree that having photos in a blog is a must ~ as they say, a photo is worth a thousand words. For anyone writing a food blog, I think that is even more important ~ with some of your photos it feels like I can smell what you are cooking. Very nice. :-)

  8. Pingback: Why Being A Writer Is Hard | Mabel Kwong

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