Pieces of 2013

With the year coming to an end, I thought I would have a look through 2013 to see some of the things I got up to in Papaya Pieces. I think this is a great exercise for many of us because it reminds us of so many things that we have done and achieved, even if they are only tiny milestones in our lives.

I began Papaya Pieces in January this year. This means that with regards to blogging and food I’m had plenty of first time moments. To begin with, I’ll share a little behind the scenes story of my beginnings.

I had wanted to start a blog for a while. On 17th January I did a quick brainstorming for the name of the blog and Papaya Pieces quite immediately became the one. I made a few quick photos on my webcam and sent them to a darling friend who lives in Sydney, asking her to please choose one because I wanted it to begin a blog. With the time difference I was certain I would have to wait till the next day for a response, but just as she was about to hop into bed she saw my email and replied within a couple of minutes. Yes, she chose this photo, the same one I have been using for my about page until this date.


A few minutes later I pressed the enter button with WordPress and began the blogging adventure.

Initially Papaya Pieces means all the pieces of papaya my mum cut for us when we lived in South East Asia, and it still does. Over time the word Pieces symbolised a second meaning for me. Whereas in my passion for classical piano I play pieces (as opposed to songs where one also needs a singer), in the same way it’s as if each post were a piece.

Here are a few notable pieces from 2013:

A Balanced Bean Salad and Reflections from My Latest Music Endeavour This was the first time I properly wrote something about music, about something close to my heart. Previously I strictly wrote about food. Lightning didn’t strike me so after that I continued to expand my boundaries and write about other topics.

Thoughts on Beauty and a Gorgeous Salad Other than writing about music, I believe this was the first post I went overboard writing about other random topics.

Happiness is Homemade Pesto Making homemade pesto was such a great discovery! It’s ridiculously easy and so good. I’ve made a few pesto variations after that.

Homemade pesto recipe

Kiwi, Apple and Cinnamon Jam I also had a culinary breakthrough this year when I began to make jams. I love cooking jams and had wanted to make my own jam for a long time so I went for it this year. The kiwi based jam here (other than featuring my mobile phone mishaps) is my favourite out of all the ones I’ve made up til now. It was even linked to in this article about kiwi fruits in FOOD52.

Kiwi, apple and cinnamon jam recipe

Paris. Despite the fact that I’ve traveled to many places and Mr. H. is French, I hadn’t properly visited Paris, until this summer that we took time off from our time visiting the North of France so Mr. H. could show me Paris. Paris by Bicycle We visited everywhere we wanted to see by bicycle. Lunch at Le Mini Palais, Paris Lunch was at such a beautiful restaurant. For Chopin. La Madeleine I was able to visit La Madeleine church, a place that was my most important must visit because this was where the final good bye to my favourite composer, Chopin, was held.

Pillars of La Madeleine Church - Paris

Behind the Scenes at Pasta Spada I was able to make photos backstage with Mr. Spada at Pasta Spada, most probably the best maker of fresh pasta in Barcelona. Also, Mr. Spada is incredibly interesting to talk to, which made it all the more fun.

Macaroni Pasta Spada

Banana and Chocolate Muffins in the Dark It seemed like my muffin making would end in disaster again, but that was happily not the case this time.

Banana chocolate muffin recipe

An Unexpected Part II {Pumpkin Seeds} Sometimes a post is born quite unexpectedly in response to your comments in a previous post, such as how this post on pumpkin seeds came about. Now we know that it’s fine to eat them with their husks.

The best things about having begun my blog is being able to get to know fantastic people that I never would have if not for blogging, whether it be for our love of food, piano music, photography, beauty… I’m waving out to you all, you know who you are!

What do I plan to do for next year? I believe we all improve and evolve in time. This year was the year I began Papaya Pieces, learned the basics and found my equilibrium about what I do like to write about. In the past month of so I’ve really enjoyed putting my scientific / pharmaceutical / nutritional knowledge into food, so other than my music and other stories, I guess there will be plenty more food geekiness in the coming year.

Happy New Year!

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