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my new pot plants

It will never rain roses: when we want to have more roses we must plant trees. George Eliot

In the same way that we must plant trees when we want to have more roses, I have the same approach when it comes to food. When I used to live in the UK all my non-English friends would say how bad all the food is there. I always thought that if you spent time finding the places to get good ingredients and learn to make it yourself then you’ll never have to eat bad food. Likewise, if you find the right restaurants to suit you, then you’ll also enjoy the food. Besides, I do like a well made fish and chips.

My brother moved back to Australia a few years ago. He used to tell me that he missed many of his favourite foods. You can guess that my answer was: learn to make it yourself. And so he did. Now I’m so happy when he cooks amazing dishes and sends me the photo through WhatsApp. I might have to try to convince him to make a guest post for me…

The photos in the post are of my new plants I bought recently. I thought I would make a photo-shoot with them before I repotted them into bigger pots, while they were still small and cute.

I have some more mint and yellow chili. I can’t wait to use them in my cooking. And some lavender, which embarrassingly I don’t even know if it’s poisonous when ingested so I’ll have to see if it can be used for cooking. Please tell if you know.


Yellow Chili


we must plant more

I also bought this little Christmassy plant, just because it looked adorable.

Christmas plant

If my brother gets around to reading this, I’m missing you here.

Merry Christmas!

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