One Daisy, One Ant

Daisy and ant

Though fully aware that I’m doing a photographic repetition from my post about daisy facts, as soon as I saw the weekly photo challenge, I thought about this photo.

I recently read a book called Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch. The book covers many of his beliefs, ideas and creative ways. With regards to creativity, there are times when an idea has already been mapped out by his scripts and imagination, then maybe something happens and then that idea changes. You think about it and it’s better and you get more ideas, so a better and more creative outcome is the result.

I was going to say in the same manner, but I cannot because I am certainly on a much lesser creative scale, last summer while I was spending a whole afternoon making photos of flowers, during the photo-shoot session with one daisy, one ant suddenly appeared and stole the show. Let’s take a closer look at him:

Mr. Ant

For me the initial image of a daisy in the light summer breeze changed to the idea of a busy ant working away, finding food through the plants, or maybe even helping to pollenize. This gave me the idea of how nature comes together as one.

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