Papaya Granita

Papaya GranitaMy mum had recently gifted me with a lovely big papaya. Two thirds of it were eaten as pieces of papaya. This is what became of the last third: papaya granita. It was so simple to make, and it made a marvelously refreshing dessert to end a lunch one hot afternoon.

Ingredients for two servings:

1/3 large papaya – peeled, seeds removed

14 ice cubes

Place the papaya and ice in a blender. Blend.

I would recommend to make this just before eating it, or just before lunch and them keeping it in the freezer.

Papaya with ice

Iced papaya drink for dessert

We recently bought these ice cube moulds. Mr. H. chose this orange colour because it is Papaya Pieces colour. We must be the last people on earth to have discovered how wonderful these flexible rubber ice moulds are! Gone are those days when you need to pour water onto the moulds to take the ice out. Good bye to those moments of runaway ice all around the kitchen while you try to remove the ice. Sometimes simple details make a difference. I’m very happy with the Papaya Pieces coloured ice moulds.

Thank you for reading!

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