Beluga Linsen
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Beluga Linsen. Not Quite a Whale.

Beluga Linsen sounds like a whale. However it was, in fact, a romantic gift.

Mr. H. came back from a business trip from Austria and told me that he brought me back the most romantic gift ever: lentils. Right, when one has a food blog, lentils could sort of be considered so.

The Beluga Linsen then became a lentil soup. The outcome was a delight! The flavour was gorgeous and rather intense within the land of lentils. The cooking them part of it was awesome. One of the things that sometimes makes me not use fresh legumes is the cooking time. These thankfully became soft in a moment.

Even though these lentils I believe are more of a northern European variety, I made it into a Spanish type of lentil soup.

Lentil soup with Beluga Linsen


Beluga Linsen lentils – 500g, washed and drained

Garlic – 2 cloves, peeled

Chorizo – 150g, cut into pieces. I used the spicy cooking type

Serrano ham bone – 2 pieces

Salty pork bone – 1 pieces

Black pepper


Place the Beluga Linsen into a pot with about 4 time the amount of water. Bring to boil without any salt – as salt with make the lentils take longer to soften. Check once in a while because the lentils absorb a huge amount of water very quickly, so if they suddenly look like they lack water, add some more. After about 25 minutes, add the rest of the ingredients and boil over low heat for at least 10 minutes.

This lentil soup was lovely served with a glass of red wine.

If you received this romantic gift of lentils, how would you cook them?

Enjoy your meal!


  1. Kiss & Make-up

    I’ve tried lentils once, but I didn’t really like them. Maybe I just prepeared then wrong. I’ll give this recipe a try!

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