Eating chicken feet with chopsticks
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To Eat or Not To Eat (Chicken Feet)?

Yes, that’s me holding a chicken’s foot with my chopsticks. And yes I did eat it.

This photo was taken on a brief visit to Hong Kong a few years ago during a delicious dim sum dinner. I had two eating companions with me during this meal. One ordered the chicken feet and ate them just as happily as I did. My other companion was flabbergasted and refused to touch them.

So, to eat or not to eat chicken feet?

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I'm Sofia. Australian, Indonesian and Spanish. Lived in {too} many countries. Currently based in Barcelona. I adore playing miserable romantic classical piano. Papaya Pieces is where I store some recipes and memories.


  1. Marcel

    Love them’feet once in a while, i.e. once every 2 years or so.
    It may take some courage the first time you put it in your mouth but it’s kind of entertaining after all. Great blog, keep up the good work and please our tummies.


  2. OK so here’s the weird thing: I grew up in Taiwan where chicken feet really aren’t that uncommon, but I’ve never tried any. I dunno. It’s more about me being lazy than weirded out to be honest. It seems like an awful lot of work for a little meat! PS: you preeeetty!

  3. Did you enjoy it? I often get chicken feet when I go to yumcha, delicious and slimy! Unfortunately most of my friends don’t eat chicken feet and I can’t eat a whole plate by myself so sometimes I miss out.

  4. Eat of course! It’s one of my favorite parts of the chicken! I love chewing on it, sucking off the skin and tendon and spitting out the little bones. That sounded horrible didn’t it? :P

  5. Eddy

    I like to eat chicken feets,des a special day everyweek 4 enjoying my walking chickens feets nd i like if spicy peri peri hot,mmh yummy feets

  6. Anjo Angela Lim

    I love them. I love almost everything in dim sum, sadly so many of the dishes are pork though…but yeah, chicken feet in the rich red sauce = yumza!

      • Anjo Angela Lim

        Do you like the sweet dishes as well? Like the jin diu (the sesame fried mochi balls with red bean paste inside)? I tried one with nutella inside once. Blew. My. MIND!!

  7. hahahha i won’t even give an answer – the feet too?? hahah, but u loo gorgeous! were they yummy at least? would u do it again?

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