Zucchini with cheese and pine nuts soup
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Sinking in Zucchini Soup

When I was going to make the photos of my zucchini soup, I made the scientific discovery that pine nuts are slightly denser than zucchini soup. I thought it would be a great idea to throw in a handful of pine nuts and cheese into the soup for both decorational and interesting flavour-and-texture purposes, only to observe that they immediately sank straight to the bottom of the bowl. Cheese is not only also slightly denser, it had the added disadvantage of immediately melting. So finally I added the pine nuts and cheese extremely gently one by one and quickly snapped away in case they sank again.

Zucchinis are, in the botanical sense, from the Cucurbitaceae family, which is from the same family as cucumbers, and probably hence the similarity in size, colour and shape. Pumpkins are also from this family, even though they look different.

The word zucchini derives from its Italian word “zucchino”, and this word is used mainly used in The States (correct me if I’m wrong) and Australia. On the other hand, in the UK they usually call it courgette, which is the french word for zucchini. I’ll say zucchini because I have Australian roots.

We need for four servings: 2 zucchinis, water, 1/2 cup cream, salt, pepper, pine nuts, cheese.

Cut the zucchini in smallish pieces. Cutting it will make the boiling process faster. I didn’t peel the zucchini. Add just enough water to cover the zucchini pieces. Bring to boil and continue boiling until the zucchini pieces are soft. Add the cream and a pinch of salt. Take off the stove and blend with a food mixer until it becomes a liquid texture. Sprinkle black pepper to decorate along with the pine nuts and cheese. I used semi-cured Manchego cheese, which is a type of Spanish cheese.

By the way, at the end, surface tension won the round against density, because the cheese and pine nuts continued on top of the soup all the way to the table and whilst eating.

Enjoy your meal!

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I'm Sofia. Australian, Indonesian and Spanish. Lived in {too} many countries. Currently based in Barcelona. I adore playing miserable romantic classical piano. Papaya Pieces is where I store some recipes and memories.


  1. Well that was easy. I love a ‘zucchini’ (Italian roots here in Blighty) and to be honest, come the summer, there are never enough simple recipes for using them, that’s when we have a ‘glut’ of them


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